At this week’s New Mexico Association of School Business Officials (ASBO) Conference, school business officials will learn how to assess their schools for high lethality events through planning and prevention followed by target hardening as a physical means of protection utilizing CPTED Principles.

“We will show school officials how to incorporate safety by identifying and mitigating the opportunities and impact of crime and aggressive behavior such as active shooter, targeted crime or other acts of terrorism,” says Lt. Paul Szych.

A blueprint can guide efforts to prevent or manage worst case scenarios, An Emergency Operation Plan and Training Program will address your safety needs, including preparation and evaluation.

This presentation will cover how an assessment addresses both Risk (i.e. people) and Vulnerability (i.e physical plant) helping prepare a school to respond in an all hazard event.

“School business officials need to know how small investments in capital improvements and target hardening (secure entries, gates, fences, equipment, cameras, locks, landscaping, etc.) can have HUGE impacts on site safety,” says Paul Feist, Principal, Senior Analyst and CPTED CPD, with the Soteria Group, who has 25 years’ experience in law enforcement.

“But by far, the most cost effective way to combat violence is to develop an emergency operation plan that has a foundation in training of teachers, staff and even students,” says Richard Price, Principal, Senior Analyst, CPTED CPD with Soteria Group, Safety by Design, who served 21 years as an FBI Special Agent.