Will lawsuits force your school system to take school violence seriously?

Under two bills in the Colorado, victims of school shootings can get as much as $350,000 each. There is a $900,000 cap for each incidence of school violence. According to supporters of the school shooting lawsuit bills, their purpose is to get information from within the largely silent school systems to document the failures within the school that lead to the school shooting.

This bill (and similar bills/laws throughout the country) could mean that every faculty and school board member could be compelled to testify in court about safety measures that were or were not in place at the time of a school shooting incident. Beyond the failures to stop the chronology of a specific active shooter at a school, these school shooting lawsuit bills would put school boards on the hook for a failure to take a comprehensive and systematic approach to school violence.

With the threat of these lawsuits, developing and implementing a school safety plan is like fiscal insurance, school boards new to invest a little now or risk paying a lot more later. The first step your school system needs to take is learning where you’re already putting your students in jeopardy. Take our free school vulnerability assessment to find out.

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