School Safety: School security training, school crisis plans, school violence prevention, school cell phone policy, bullying & gang violence prevention.
School Safety

Soteria Group applies more than 45 years of law enforcement experience, highly reputable environmental and architectural design, and crisis communications management to promote a culture and structure of preparedness.

We work with school administrators and first responders for the purpose of mitigating or eliminating risk through assessment, training and environmental design.

Our work for our clients covers an exhaustive list of offerings:

  • School safety and security (security plan(s), design, issues, consulting, training, assessments, videos)
  • School crisis and safety plans
  • School violence prevention plan
  • Environmental design
  • Developing a school cell phone policy
  • Bullying prevention and strategies
  • Gang violence tactics and prevention
  • Security for central office and school board meetings
  • Active shooter (training, response, protocols)
  • Crisis communications and training
  • Bomb threat training
  • Emergency preparedness