<strong>Paul Feist</strong>
Paul FeistPrincipal, Senior Analyst, CPTED CPD
Paul Feist has served 25 years as a sworn police officer, advancing to the rank of Deputy Chief of Police. Some of his key accomplishments include effectively overseeing ( Read More )
<strong>Arthur R. Tatum,</strong> AIA
Arthur R. Tatum, AIAPrincipal, Director Environmental Design Division
Director of Design for FBT Architects and Principal of Soteria’s Environmental Design Division, Tatum has been creating award-winning schools and work places for more than 30 years. ( Read More )
<strong>Jared Larsen,</strong>
Jared Larsen, Architect, Environmental Design Division, CPTED CPD
As a certified architect, Larsen leads the architectural team in Soteria’s risk threat assessments, bringing careful consideration ( Read More )