This morning Northern Arizona University had a fatal campus shooting. This shooting outside a dorm left one dead and three injured. One week to the day after the Umpqua campus shooting rampage in Roseburg, Oregon, it’s just another school day in America.

“Every week at schools across America, guns are being brought to school or someone is planning to do so,” says Richard H. Price Principal, Senior Analyst, CPTED CPD with Soteria Group, Safety by Design, who served 21 years as an FBI Special Agent. “If we can’t stop the bullets, the very least we can do is protect the students the best way we know how.”

“With every active shooter rampage that strikes college campuses, school officials need to minimize their risk and maximize the effectiveness of their active shooter response,” says Paul Feist, Principal, Senior Analyst and CPTED CPD, with the Soteria Group, who has 25 years experience in law enforcement.

In answer to these needs, the Soteria Group is offers active shooter risk and response training for workplaces and schools.

Structured like a bank stress test, in a seminar setting, Soteria will create an analysis of an active shooter scenario to determine whether your campus has the resources, training and infrastructure to deal with such an attack.

“Being prepared is the key to saving lives. With our experience we can guide your team through the worst cases and best practices.” says Arthur R. Tatum, Director of Design for FBT Architects and Principal of Soteria‚Äôs Environmental Design Division.

This training session is meant to help you detect the weak spots at an early stage so you can remedy them now to minimize risks. Soteria Group looks at the following risks:

  • Demographics
  • Physical environment risk
  • Security infrastructure risk
  • Staff and teacher training
  • Equipment on hand (e,g, door locks, cameras, notification systems, etc.)
  • Technology (do you have everyone’s cell phone? Can you quickly send out a blast to tell everyone to stay in place?)

Soteria Group examines a range of scenarios, from a fight with weapons, to a hostage crisis, to active shooter(s) going through your school looking to inflict violence through a massive body count.

After you’ve gone through Soteria Group’s training, you can consider full school active shooter drills.

To get the safety conversation started, give the Soteria Group a call (505-369-7436) to arrange an active shooter risk and response training session for your team.

You can’t think your school is immune. 294 school shootings so far this year prove that it is only a matter of time before the next school shooting hits your area. Act now.


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