<strong>Richard H. Price</strong>
Richard H. PricePrincipal, Senior Analyst, CPTED CPD
Richard H. Price has served his country throughout his life, with four years of service in the United States Marine Corps and 21 years as an FBI Special Agent. ( Read More )
<strong>Paul Feist</strong>
Paul FeistPrincipal, Senior Analyst, CPTED CPD
Paul Feist has served 25 years as a sworn police officer, advancing to the rank of Deputy Chief of Police. Some of his key accomplishments include effectively overseeing ( Read More )
<strong>Arthur R. Tatum,</strong> AIA
Arthur R. Tatum, AIAPrincipal, Director Environmental Design Division
Director of Design for FBT Architects and Principal of Soteria’s Environmental Design Division, Tatum has been creating award-winning schools and work places for more than 30 years. ( Read More )
<strong>Jared Larsen,</strong>
Jared Larsen, Architect, Environmental Design Division, CPTED CPD
As a certified architect, Larsen leads the architectural team in Soteria’s risk threat assessments, bringing careful consideration ( Read More )