Our Safety Services


Soteria Group’s integrated experience in law enforcement, architecture, environmental design and communications add up to a distinct advantage when you are planning to avoid or manage the unthinkable. Soteria Group has devised a collaborative system of discovery, consultation and implementation.

I. Vulnerability Assessment

Our Vulnerability Assessment is the blue print that will guide your efforts to prevent or manage worst case scenarios. It is the standard by which all of your safety and security measures will be gauged. Assessments are conducted by a team of law enforcement professionals and architects, as well as communication specialists.

Phase One:
Document Evaluation

Soteria Group will review your existing reports, plans, drawings and other documents you have already commissioned. This data-dive will provide a basis for our preliminary assessment.

Phase Two:
Site Visit

Soteria will conduct on-site visits, including interviews with members of your staff or student body, in addition to a comprehensive review of your facility and environment.

Phase Three:
Final Report

We will produce comprehensive vulnerability reports covering safety, emergency and crisis management; tactical, behavioral and communication recommendations are tailored to your unique requirements.
II. Safety Plan & Training Program

Soteria Group’s team of experts work with you to develop a comprehensive Safety Plan and Training Program that will meet local regulatory requirements while taking into consideration the unique aspects of your site, campus and/or facility, and the culture of your organization and community.

Included in the Safety Plan is a Training Curriculum that addresses the real and anticipated needs of your organization. Management, stakeholders, employees, board members, administrators, faculty, staff and student groups — we will provide you with suggested preparation exercises, a schedule and methods by which to evaluate your safety training program.

IV. Emergency Communication Protocol

Deep experience in law enforcement, as well as our communication team’s engagement with the latest public relations tactics, means that Soteria Group can prepare you for the worst while hoping for the best. We develop programs and train your personnel on internal communication systems and interfacing with local law enforcement and other emergency responders as a Unified Command.

III. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Based on an examination of the challenges and opportunities created by physical spaces, Soteria Group’s architectural team will recommend and implement as-needed safety-enhancing new designs or renovations and modifications to your facility. Their evaluation will include changes to enhance your space, as well as relevant new security and surveillance technologies that can be retrofitted to your existing facility. We will also help you prioritize our recommendations in consideration of your available resources.

Beyond defining a physical space the built environment influences human behavior in the way people interact, function and feel. By incorporating environmental design strategies we can reduce opportunities for crime and aggressive behaviors that occur in todays world, including active shooter events, street crime, workplace violence and acts of terrorism.

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